Job Hourly Paid Teacher (Young Learner) In Japan

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Job Hourly Paid Teacher (Young Learner) In Japan
Job Hourly Paid Teacher (Young Learner) In Japan

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British Council

Posting details

Posted October 31, 2023
Job Type Full Time
Salary 4,400 yen per hour for educators with a CELTA qualification or equivalent, and 4,900 yen per hour for those possessing a DELTA certification.
Location Tokyo, Japan
Application Deadline November 30, 2023

Job Details

Job Synopsis and Overview:

English and Assessments constitute a vibrant and global community affiliated with the British Council, the distinguished UK institution for international cultural associations. Join a distinctive international educational team dedicated to assisting English language learners in their pursuit of linguistic mastery and attainment of academic, occupational, and personal aspirations.

Our educational centers and digital courses establish cultural bridges between the United Kingdom and 38 nations across the globe. Additionally, they support the British Council’s cultural programs in the domains of arts and sciences.

Critical Notice – At the British Council, we are actively seeking candidates to occupy various teaching positions in Tokyo, Japan. These roles encompass Hourly Paid Instructors for Young Pupils, Hourly Paid Instructors for Adult Learners, and a Project-Based Hourly Employment opportunity. We encourage you to emphasize your professional background, expertise, and field of interest within your curriculum vitae. Our Talent Acquisition specialists will conduct a tailored review of your application.

Role Objective:

Promote and ensure the provision of high-caliber English language instruction.
Contribute to the broader objectives of the British Council and its mission in the realm of cultural relations.

Principal Responsibilities:

Devise and deliver top-tier English language sessions tailored to the unique needs of diverse learner categories, while considering individual learning predilections, within the contracted teaching hours.
Supervise academic progress and offer systematic input to facilitate the management of student’s performance throughout the course, actively advocating for learner autonomy and a sense of advancement.
Contribute to the formulation, assessment, and enhancement of English language courses, learning materials, and associated services, while actively collaborating as a member of the teaching cohort.
Execute administrative duties related to teaching in accordance with established standards.
Actively engage in professional advancement and performance appraisal to guarantee excellence and elevated standards in pedagogy, thereby preserving the British Council’s preeminent position in the landscape of optimal English Language Teaching (ELT) practices.
Contribute to the development of enduring and mutually beneficial associations by augmenting students’ comprehension of modern-day UK culture.
Assist the educational center’s team in the delivery of exemplary customer service while upholding the British Council’s Values and Ethical Standards.
Ensure the application and observance of safeguards and policies in harmony with standards in the following domains:
Safeguarding of Minors
Equal Opportunity and Diversity
Health and Safety



Cambridge CELTA/ Trinity Cert TESOL


TYLEC, Young Learners extension for CELTA, PGCE or equivalent
Cambridge DELTA/Trinity Diploma or equivalent

Occupational Background:


A minimum of 2 years of post-certification experience, i.e., CELTA/Trinity Cert TESOL certification.


Prior experience in instructing Young Pupil cohorts of up to 15 students.
Previous involvement in the instruction of Young Pupils in Japan.

Contract Duration: 12 Months

Language Proficiency Requirements:

Highly proficient in English, displaying full mastery across all four language skills, equivalent to a user at CEFR C2 level, achieving IELTS Band 8/9 scores in each of the four segments of the academic module.

Work Timetable (in accordance with operational prerequisites):

Classes for elementary school scholars are scheduled on a weekly basis, occurring on Sunday mornings and/or afternoons (9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM; schedule confirmation required). For junior high school and high school-aged groups, classes take place weekly on Saturday evenings (5:30 PM to 8:30 PM; schedule confirmation required) and Sunday afternoons (1:30 PM to 4:30 PM; schedule confirmation required). We request that you specify your preference in your supporting statement, indicating your interest in Sunday-only, Saturday-only, or both.

Requirements for Role: Proof of Identity and Authorization to Work in Japan:

Candidates must possess pre-existing authorization to reside and labor in Japan. It is important to note that these positions are exclusively available to applicants with current permissions for residency and employment in Japan. If your existing employment visa falls within the ‘Other’ category (e.g., Professor, Instructor, Artist), you must initiate an application for authorization to work under the ‘Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International Services’ classification.

Income Tax and National Insurance:

Your salary represents gross compensation and is subject to local taxation and obligatory deductions. The British Council will execute deductions from your salary at the source, corresponding to tax and other levies that are due, as applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Hourly Paid Teacher Position at the British Council, Tokyo

What is the British Council?

The British Council is the UK’s international organization for cultural relations. It is dedicated to fostering cultural exchanges and enhancing international connections.

What is the role of an Hourly Paid Teacher for Young Learners?

Hourly Paid Teachers for Young Learners at the British Council in Tokyo are responsible for delivering high-quality English language lessons tailored to the needs of young students. They actively promote learner autonomy and provide feedback to enhance student performance.

What is the salary for Hourly Paid Teachers at the British Council in Tokyo?

The salary is 4,400 yen per hour for teachers with a CELTA qualification or equivalent and 4,900 yen per hour for teachers with a DELTA certification.

What qualifications are required for this position?

Essential qualifications include a Cambridge CELTA or Trinity Cert TESOL. Desirable qualifications may include TYLEC, Young Learners extension for CELTA, PGCE, CELTA Pass A/B, or Cambridge DELTA/Trinity Diploma or equivalent.

How long is the contract duration for this role?

The contract duration for this position is 12 months.

What are the language proficiency requirements for applicants?

Applicants must have high proficiency in English, equivalent to a user at CEFR C2 level, with IELTS Band 8/9 scores in each of the four segments of the academic module.

Is prior teaching experience necessary for this role?

Yes, essential qualifications include a minimum of 2 years of post-certification experience, such as CELTA/Trinity Cert TESOL certification. Desirable experience may include teaching young learner groups or teaching young learners in Japan.

What are the work schedules for Hourly Paid Teachers at the British Council in Tokyo?

The work schedules vary based on the age groups of the students. Classes for elementary school students are typically held on Sunday mornings and/or afternoons. Classes for junior high school and high school-aged students are held on Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

Can non-Japanese citizens apply for this position?

The roles are open to applicants who currently have permission to live and work in Japan. If the applicant’s current working visa falls under the ‘Other’ category, they may need to apply for permission to work under the ‘Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International Services’ category.

How are taxes and deductions handled for hourly-paid teachers at the British Council?

The salary is gross, and local taxes and statutory deductions are made directly from the salary. The British Council will deduct these amounts at the source, as per tax and other obligations.

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