Summer Program – Elementary – Maple Lane Summer Academy

Job title: Summer Program – Elementary – Maple Lane Summer Academy

Company: Delaware Department of Education

Job description: Your current hourly rate of pay (per diem) for instructional days; $32.00 an hour for planning work hours.
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Job Goal: Under general supervision of the principal, the Coordinator will provide oversight, leadership, coordination, and management for the Maple Lane Elementary School Summer Programming. This program provides a variety of experiences for students during the summer months focused on academic areas, social and emotional topics, and possible field trip experiences. The Coordinator will work with community partnerships and/or other programs to offer summer opportunities for Maple Lane students.
Qualifications: * Possess educator license and certification in Delaware required.

  • Successfully demonstrates leadership ability and has successfully scheduled and coordinated school programs.
  • Must be a current employee of Brandywine School District at Maple Lane Elementary.

Job Responsibilities: * Coordinates and manages Maple Lane Summer Programming for grades 1 – 5.

  • Collaborates with Community Partners, District Leaders, Community organizations regarding the implementation of Maple Lane’s Summer Programming.
  • Compiles orders for instructional resources, establishes training sessions for summer school staff, and coordinates delivery of materials to instructional sites and storage after programs end.
  • Works with District Technology Department on student data reports, registration process, and attendance.
  • Assists with recruitment of teachers, guest speakers, summer enrichment opportunities and field trips.
  • Supports school’s logistics with classroom, space allocation and usage by district or community partners.
  • Organizes parent information meetings and advertisement of summer programming.
  • Assists with registration, and assignments of staff and students.
  • Completes a summary report on the Maple Lane Summer Academy Program.
  • Interacts with parents/guardians regarding summer program related matters.
  • Assist with coordination of meals for summer programming.
  • Plans and prepares program beginning in April. Additional planning hours may be necessary from April – June for approximately 5-10 hours per month.
  • Attend Summer Program Planning Committee meetings & District training
  • Assist students with issues that arise and help with problem resolution.
  • Help to coordinate transportation for students, if necessary
  • Troubleshoot any difficulties issues or problems.
  • Collaborate with coordinators of other summer programming.
  • Monitors programs from 6/24/2024 – 7/25/2024 (student dates).

Position Title: Teachers/Non-Instructional Specialists – Grades 1 – 5
Reports To: Building Principal
Salary: Your current hourly rate of pay (per diem) for instructional days; $32.00 an hour for Classroom prep/orientation days.
To Apply: Click “Apply” designated near the Job ID on the main employment web page for complete application instructions.
Job Goal: Under general direction of the Building Principal and the Summer Enrichment Coordinator, provides instruction, coordination, and management in class for the Maple Lane Summer Enrichment Program.

  • Must be Certified and/or Licensed in the Sate of Delaware for the area you are applying for.
  • Experience in various areas in the position identified above to successfully teach exceptional standards-based instruction (using curriculum provided) in areas to ensure academic growth for all students.
  • Exceptional classroom management, organization, planning, instructional delivery, leadership, and technical skills and the ability to utilize differentiated instructional methods to engage students in positive learning experiences.
  • Outstanding ability to motivate and build relationships with staff, students and parents to promote student achievement and strengthen community partnerships.
  • Demonstrated ability to use good judgment, follow through on assigned tasks, and maintain confidentiality.

Job Responsibilities: * Participate in the preprogram preparation days.

  • Participate in the planning and instruction of the summer curriculum for groups of students following the Brandywine School Districts plan such as CKLA, Kid Writing, etc.
  • Mitigate Unfinished Learning: Utilize research-based best practices to address critical prerequisite skills and standards that students must know to advance in their learning.
  • Instruct students in multigrade groups, focusing on building foundational skills using assessment data to pinpoint students’ needs.
  • Accelerate Learning: Provide acceleration opportunities by looking ahead at key standards of the next school year to ensure opportunity and access for all students.
  • Monitor student progress toward achievement of instructional goals and write weekly and end-of-program progress reports if applicable to your position.
  • Monitor and track attendance.
  • Develop and nurture the emotional, cognitive, and social abilities of the students.
  • Interact with students in a polite, caring, and respectful manner.
  • Respond to student misbehavior appropriately and successfully.
  • Demonstrate clear and accurate oral and written communication.
  • Engage students in learning and thinking with materials provided.
  • Maintains high standards of ethical behavior and confidentiality of student information. Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance.

Expected salary: $32 per hour

Location: USA

Job date: Wed, 20 Mar 2024 05:31:27 GMT

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