Best Nursery Class Syllabus 2023

The CBSE Nursery Curriculum for 2022-2023

Nursery Class Syllabus : Are you in search of the CBSE Nursery Curriculum? Rest assured, we present to you the comprehensive CBSE Nursery Class Syllabus below, tailored to be easily understood.


This shared CBSE Nursery Class Syllabus is applicable to students across all education boards, including CBSE, state boards, and ICSE.

Understanding Preschool Education

Nursery schools or preschools are educational institutions or learning environments designed to provide young children with early education before they begin formal education at primary school. In the Nursery phase, children engage in school activities like writing, reading, number recognition, counting, and problem-solving, all contributing to their holistic development.

Key Elements of the Nursery Curriculum:

  • Enhancement of Communication Skills
  • Promotion of Cognitive Development
  • Creative Expression through Art and Drama
  • Fostering Language Development
  • Opportunities for Gross Motor Skill Development

The CBSE Nursery Class Syllabus is carefully curated to foster the physical and mental growth of children. The following subjects are covered, desired by both schools and parents:

  • Nursery English
  • Nursery Mathematics
  • Nursery Environmental Studies
  • Rhymes and Stories
  • Arts and Crafts
  • General Activities

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CBSE Nursery Class Syllabus for 2022-2023

Nursery Class Syllabus English

Oral Focus

  • Introducing Alphabets Aa
  • Introducing Two-Letter Words
  • Introduction to Capital Alphabets
  • Introduction to Small Alphabets

Written Focus

  • Holding a Pencil or Crayon
  • Recognizing Alphabet Pictures
  • Coloring Alphabet Blocks
  • Matching Similar Alphabets Circling Alphabet-Related Pictures
  • Practicing Slating Lines
  • Zigzag Lines
  • Circles and Curves
  • Mixed Patterns

Practical Aspect

  • Engaging in Coloring Activities
  • Craft Projects
  • Exploring with Balls
  • Coloring Fruits and Vegetables
  • Matching Lids
  • Sandpaper Activities
  • Molding Clay
  • Discovering “Magical” Alphabets
  • Interactive “Splash Me” Activity
  • Creating Fingerprints in Notebooks
  • Creative Fun with Jelly
  • Initiating Conversations

Nursery Mathematics Syllabus

Oral Focus
  • Oral Introduction to Numbers
  • Comparing Big and Small Numbers
  • Pre-Math Concepts – Up, Down, Tall, Short, Long, In, Out
  • Basic Shapes – Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle

Written Focus

  • Coloring Number Blocks
  • Exercises Involving Size Comparison
  • Introducing Numbers
  • Creating Circles, Triangles, Squares, Rectangles
  • Counting and Matching Numbers
  • Identifying the Correct Number
  • Practicing Conceptual Exercise

Practical Aspect

  • Learning Body Parts
  • Counting Using Fingers
  • Creating Fingerprints with Number Blocks
  • Engaging in Craft Activities
  • Counting Artificial Fruits
  • Coloring Tasks
  • Interactive Question Sessions
  • Solving Number Puzzles
  • Coloring Numbers in Notebooks
  • Using Number Scales

EVS (Environmental Studies) Syllabus for Nursery

General Subjects

  • Exploring Myself, My Body Parts, My Family, My School, My Neighbors
  • Colors, Summer Season, Fruits & Vegetables
  • The Monsoon Season
  • Celebrating Festivals – Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Independence Day
  • Vibrant Rainbow Colors
  • Discovering Wildlife – Wild Animals, Farm Animals, Birds, Aquatic Creatures
  • Recognizing Helpers in the Community
  • Modes of Transportation

Practical Aspect

  • Creating a Family Tree
  • Exploring Self and Neighbors
  • Creative Vegetable Printing
  • Constructing a Fruit Chart
  • Engaging with Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Connecting with Nature
  • Fun with Ice Trays
  • Coloring Sessions
  • Animal Puzzles
  • Enjoying a Game of Snake and Ladder
  • Matching Exercises
  • Exploring Transportation

Nursery Syllabus for Rhymes and Stories

  • Rhymes
  • Poems in English
  • Poems in Hindi
  • Engaging Poems
  • Stories
  • Historical Tales
  • Humorous Stories
  • Animated Stories
  • Patriotic Narratives

Nursery Syllabus for Arts and Crafts

  • Creating Fingerprints
  • Using Cotton for Dabbing
  • Vegetable and Sponge Printing
  • Exploring Colors
  • Collage Printing with Animal Themes
  • Collage Printing with Transportation Themes

Nursery Syllabus for General Activities

  • Starting the Day with Well Wishes
  • Expressing Gratitude and Farewells
  • Polite Language Usage – “May I” and “Please”
  • Proper Use of Dustbins
  • Respecting Everyone
  • Developing Good Habits
  • Awareness of Negative Habits
  • Promoting Healthy Eating
  • Respecting Parents and Teachers
  • Following Traffic Regulations
  • Maintaining Environmental Cleanliness
  • Promoting Tree Planting
  • Understanding the Dangers of Pollution

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We trust that the aforementioned information regarding the CBSE Nursery Curriculum for 2022-2023 proves beneficial to both parents and their children. Utilize this syllabus to provide your child with a strong educational foundation, positioning them for success. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave your comments; we are here to assist you.