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Polytechnic English Question Paper 1st Year

All diploma pursuing candidates are here to get English question paper to get idea how question paper comes in the exam. Question of polytechnic English question paper 1st year comes from syllabus of English. We also provide detailed syllabus of polytechnic  or diploma pursuing candidates. Level of English comes of 12th level which students can easily understand.

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Diploma 1st Sem English
Course Diploma / Polytechnique
Duration 3 Years
Category Diploma 1st Sem English previous years question papers


Detailed Syllabus of polytechnic English 1st year

Part A: English

Unit I

General: Narration, Voice, Basic Sentence Patterns. (Nine basic 5 sentence patterns),

Transformation of Sentences, Determiners and Preposition, Tenses, Prefix, Suffix, Parts Of

Speech-Common errors (Noun, Pronoun, Articles, Adverb, Punctuation, Preposition etc.)

Unit II

Modals: Modals in Conversational Usage, Modals- Can, Could, Should , Will, Would, May,

Might, Must, Need not, Dare not, Ought to, Used to

Unit III

Phrases: At all; In stead of; In Spite of; As well as; Set up; Up set; Look up; Call off; Call out;

Come across; Set right; Look other.

Unit IV

Idioms: Work up (excite); Break down; Stand up for; Turn down; Pass away; Pass on; Back up;

Back out; Carry out; Done for (ruined); Bring about; Go through; Ran over; Look up (improve);

Pick out (selected).

Unit V

Composition and Writing Skills: Unseen Passage, Precise Writing, Letter Writing, Paragraph

Writing, Report Writing, Essay Writing – Essays on general and local topics related to

environmental problems.

Part B: Communication Skills

Unit I

We envisage two successive stages for attaining skill in communication ability;

  1. Listening
  2. Speaking

Listening: Listen to Prerecorded Tapes, Reproduce vocally what has been heard, Reproduce in

Written form, Summarise the text heard, Suggest Substitution of Words and Sentences, Answer

Questions related to the taped text, Summarise in Writing

Speaking: Introducing English consonant-sounds and vowel-sounds, Remedial exercises where

necessary, Knowing Word stress, Shifting word stress in poly-syllabic words [For pronunciation

practice read aloud a para or page regularly while others monitor]

Unit II

Vocabulary: Synonyms. Homonyms. Antonyms and Homophones, Words often confused, as for

example,[I-me; your-yours; its-it’s; comprehensible-comprehensive; complement-compliment],

Context-based meanings of the words, for example, man[N] man[vb]; step[|N| ,step[vb], conflict

_________Israel Palestinian conflict, Emotional conflict, Ideas conflict, learn ——— 1 learn at

this school, I learnt from the morning news

Unit III

Delivering Short Discourses: About oneself, Describing a Place, Person, Object, Describing a

Picture, Photo.

Unit IV

Group Discussion: Developing skill to initiate a discussion [How to open], Snatching initiative

from others [Watch for weak points, etc.]

Unit V

Expand a topic-sentence into 4-5 sentence narrative.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Polytechnic English Question Papers

  1. What are Polytechnic English Question Papers?

    • Polytechnic English Question Papers refer to the examination papers specifically designed for students pursuing polytechnic courses, which include an English language component. These papers assess students’ proficiency in English language skills.
  2. Why are Polytechnic English Question Papers important?

    • These papers are crucial as they evaluate students’ language proficiency, which is essential for effective communication and future employability in various technical fields.
  3. What types of questions can I expect in Polytechnic English Question Papers?

    • Polytechnic English Question Papers typically include multiple-choice questions, essay writing, comprehension passages, grammar exercises, and vocabulary assessments.
  4. How can I prepare effectively for these papers?

    • To prepare effectively, start by reviewing the syllabus, practice regularly, read English newspapers, and solve past question papers. Consider enrolling in English language courses if needed.
  5. Are Polytechnic English Question Papers standardized across all institutions?

    • While there may be some common elements, the exact format and content of these papers can vary between different polytechnic institutions. Always refer to your institution’s specific guidelines and syllabus.
  6. Are there any online resources for Polytechnic English Question Paper practice?

    • Yes, there are many websites and online platforms that offer practice question papers, sample essays, and grammar exercises for Polytechnic English exams.
  7. Can I use online dictionaries or translation tools during the exam?

    • This depends on the specific rules and regulations set by your institution. Some institutions may allow limited use of dictionaries, while others may not permit any external aids. Always clarify this with your exam coordinator.
  8. What is the passing criteria for Polytechnic English Question Papers?

    • Passing criteria can vary from institution to institution. Typically, it’s a specific percentage or grade point average (GPA) that you need to achieve to pass the English component of your polytechnic course. Check your institution’s guidelines for precise information.
  9. What should I do if I have difficulty understanding certain English concepts?

    • Seek help from your instructors, join language improvement programs, or consider hiring a private tutor. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and practice consistently to improve your understanding.
  10. Are there any tips for time management during the Polytechnic English exam?

    • Allocate specific time to each section of the paper, and try to complete easier sections first. Don’t spend too much time on a single question. Stay calm and manage your time wisely to attempt all questions.